Olly Murs Drops The Black & White Music Video For ‘You Don’t Know Love’

Olly Murs’ new single, ‘You Don’t Know Love’, is nothing sort of a smash. From top to bottom, it’s pure pop perfection. The just-released music video on the other hand? Well, that’s another story…

The video really had us going for the first three minutes! The cinematic feel heightened Olly’s journey as he searched from Las Vegas to the desert for something. What that something is we can only assume is the female having a ocean frolic throughout the visual. We never see where Olly ends up nor do we have any clarification if the lead is a memory or who he’s trying to get to. It all seems very “we have 30 seconds left, let’s wrap this up and cut out a key piece of the video’s story”.

At least he’s shirtless?

Thoughts on Olly’s latest?

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