Snakehips & Zayn Unite On ‘Cruel’

They’re the two biggest things to come out of the UK, so it only makes sense that Snakehips and Zayn have joined forces on the electronic duo’s brand new single ‘Cruel’.

There’s a lot of interesting things going on here. For one, this is the most engaging and interesting Zayn solo track we’ve heard from him yet. It perfectly straddles the lines of pop, alternative, and R&B without catering too much to one genre…or totally boring you to death.

The most unique quality ‘Cruel’ has going for it is that is beckons a little bit of an 80’s boyband feel with the vocal and melodies in the chorus. For someone who desperately wanted to break out on his own so bad, it’s a bit ironic that he finds himself in this situation.

Still – a solid track nonetheless.


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