Tinashe Recharges The ‘Joyride’ Era With Her New Single ‘SuperLove’

It’s not a secret that Tinashe’s ‘Joyride’ era has veered off course several times. After taking the spring to regroup in the studio, T is ready to give her sophomore album a recharge with her summer ready new single ‘SuperLove’.

There’s no doubt about it that ‘SuperLove’ has some serious crossover potential. More confident than ever, Tinashe raps (!!) confidently and sings as sweet as ever about the ecstasy of true love.

I’m your girl, and I wanna be forever/You’re my world and we’ll always be together/Superlove, nothing will ever break this up/And my love will be enough

They will never love you babe, like I love you babe/Baby, say you’ll never take my love away/They will never touch you babe, like I touched you babe/Baby, say you promise you will never change/You know, you know, you know

While ‘Player’ stalled and the rest of her other previous releases from ‘Joyride’ failed to make an impact on the pop charts, ‘SuperLove’ may be the key that unlocks that door for Tinashe. It’s summer vibe mixed in this some late 90’s/early 2000’s hip-hop flavor (Mya, Aaliyah) make it seem like the perfect storm for T to finally get her time to shine.

Thoughts on ‘SuperLove’?


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