Nelly Furtado Shares Buzz Track ‘Behind Your Back’

Nelly Furtado has been at work on her sixth studio album for quite some time now. With no release date in sight and the loose promise of “soon“, it’s simply a waiting game until Nelly completes work on her highly anticipated LP.

It looks like that time might be sooner than we all expected. This week, Nelly served “an appetizer” of the kind of sound we can expect on her forthcoming record with the new song ‘Behind Your Back’.

Nelly had this to say about her latest release:

Surrounded by my 90’s heroes had me nostalgic. Behind Your Back is a special that won’t b on my LP. It’s a palette cleanse…an appetizer.

Interesting direction. Definitely more of a laid back vibe than anything we’ve heard from her within the last decade.

Are you intrigued by Nelly’s direction?

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