Kesha Announces The Fuck The World Tour

Earlier this year, Kesha began to add one-off dates to her touring schedule to keep her mind busy and keep that connection she has with her fans amongst all the legal troubles the she’s been facing lately.

Today, Kesha takes all of those odd dates one step further and announces a mini-tour that’ll introduce her animals to a new side project and some of the music that’s inspired her journey to become an artist.

The tour is called The Fuck The World Tour and is being billed as “Kesha and The Creepies”. When she spontaneously announced the engagement earlier today, Kesha shared some of the inside details surrounding the tour and what her fans can expect from her this summer.

The day has come that I, now, present to you, Kesha and The Creepies. This project and upcoming tour comes from my deep eternal love of dirty rock & roll and country music. I thrive from making and performing music, and much like a flower with no sun, my soul slowly dies when I don’t get to create and perform. So, for a short ride and in mostly small intimate venues, I will be performing a new creepy creation. It’s been too long. Until I can release my own music I will be reinventing some of my old songs and some of my favorite songs from my musical idols. I’ve hand picked songs from artists that have helped shape who I am and the music I make today. I have missed you, all of you, so if you would like to boogie, come join us. The time has come to get creepy ?

It’s no surprise that Kesha is focusing on more of a rock/country sound for this tour. She’s been remixing her song since her joint tour with Pitbull and 2013 and has been expressing a desire to mix rock in to pop long before that.

It’ll be an interesting move for her to make and could point to what we can expect from her when it comes time for her to release music. As of right now, the tour is extremely limited with a total of seven dates that cover only a section of the U.S.

Luckily, if you want to catch Kesha she’ll be popping up randomly in different cities until the fall.

  • July 23  Intrigue Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV
  • July 28  The Colesseum at Caesars Windsor – Windsor, Canada
  • July 30  Dubuque County Fair – Dubuque, IA
  • August 06 The Waterfront – Atlantic City, NJ
  • August 07 Mad Decent Block Party – Brooklyn, NY
  • August 09 House of Blues – Cleveland, OH
  • August 10 Mr. Smalls Theatre – Millvale, PA
  • August 13 The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI
  • August 16 Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH
  • August 18 Aria – Minneapolis, MN
  • August 19 Rave – Milwaukee, WI
  • August 21 Mad Decent Block Party – Chicago, IL
  • August 23 Mercury Ballroom – Louisville, KY
  • August 25 New York State Fairground – Syracuse, NY
  • September 17 Music Midtown – Atlanta, GA
  • October 01 Mad Decent Block Party – Los Angeles, CA

For more information on how you can see Kesha on tour this summer, click here.

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