Lolawolf & Miley Cyrus Collaborate On ‘Teardrops’

Miley Cyrus is finally ready to get back into music after her interesting free album last summer, ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz’. Instead of venturing further into madness, the ‘Bangerz’ singer seems to be adopting yet another new sound as she teams up with Lolawolf on their new single ‘Teardrops’.

There’s still a bit of that trippy, avant-garde element that saturated ‘Dead Petz’ which we whole-heartedly didn’t enjoy. So, it’s a hard pass on ‘Teardrops’ for us.

However, it’s nice to hear that ‘Teardrops’ is less abrasive than anything Miley released over the past year. Call us crazy, but maybe she’s onto something. If she can do these one-off collaborations with musicians that allow her to tinker with her sound and she can still continute her day job of being a pop star, it looks like we have a win win situation!

Thoughts on ‘Teardrops’?

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