Cher Lloyd Returns With ‘Activated’

It’s been a handful of years since we last heard from Cher Lloyd. After a label change and some time away to formulate her next move, the former X-Factor contestant is ready for her comeback with her brand new single ‘Activated’.

There’s a certain…Bebe Rexha vibe going on with ‘Activated‘? There’s a down-tempo tone to the single which is a big switch up from the bratty, in-your-face swagger that’s dripping from Cher’s music.

Now, that’s not a bad thing! All artists have the right to mature and the chorus on ‘Activated’ is a pretty solid hook! Besides that – is it the big comeback track we all hoped for? Not quite – but a great jumping off point for her third era.

Are you curious to hear what else Cher has up her sleeve?

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