Desiigner Releases His Second Single, ‘Tiimmy Turner’

Ever year, a new rapper rises in popularity and becomes the new it sensation with a debut single that more or less will go down in history as a novelty song. This year, we have Desiigner.

After having his breakout thanks to his Kanye endorsement and his #1 viral hit ‘Panda’, the Brooklyn rapper follows up all that with his second single ‘Tiimmy Turner’.

Like it or not, ‘Panda’ is a lot to live up to. It’s one of the biggest hip-hop joints of the year and still manages to envoke a turn up or two. ‘Tiimmy Turner’, however, falls flat. The far too long four minute track sounds like one monotonous loop over and over and it doesn’t help that we can’t pick out a damn thing that Desiigner is saying.

Will he have trouble breaking out of that one hit wonder box? Hardly – ‘Panda’ was huge so ‘Tiimmy Turner’ should find some traction. As for what else Desiigner can do? Don’t hold your breath on anything mind blowing.

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