Sia Performs On Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series

It’s hard to believe, but Sia is bigger than ever before. Her summer smash ‘Cheap Thrills’ is one of the biggest songs in the world and she’s in the midsts of preparing to go out on her fall tour, Nostalgic For The Present.

It may be hard to think of what else Sia can offer live besides her impeccably captivating voice, Maddie Ziegler, and some abstract choreography, and it looks like we’ll still have to wait and wonder until the tour comes.

Still, Sia took the stage on Good Morning America as part of their summer concert series to promote her #1 smash and her upcoming tour. Nothing new here, but it’s nice to hear ‘Cheap Thrills’, ‘Unstoppable’, and her signature hit ‘Chandelier’ and look forward to this quirky and theatrical tour that she’s promising.

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