Jessie J Sings ‘My Superstar’ For The Ice Age: Collision Course Soundtrack

What exactly has Jessie J been doing since the release of her 2013 album ‘Sweet Talker’? Turns out, the singer-songwriter has been laying low, formulating what her next album will sound like, and jumping into one-off projects to pass the time.

Her latest work comes in the form of Ice Age: Collision Course. Not only is she playing the character Becky in the film, she’s also lending her vocals to the soundtrack with a brand new song called ‘My Superstar’.

As of right now, only an LQ version of the song has hit the Internet (we suspect this was recorded in a theatre during the credits of the film). We’re liking what we’re hearing. ‘My Superstar’ is very much in the veins of some of the retro material found Jessie’s sophomore album ‘Alive’ and ‘Sweet Talker’.

Could Jessie be going a little more disco on album number four? It wouldn’t be a bad idea – her voice is strong enough to match that sound. Time will tell…

Thoughts on Jessie’s latest?

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