Justin Timberlake Eyes His Next Album Between 2017 and 2018

Justin Timberlake may have not released a new album since 2013’s ‘The 20/20 Experience’, but the ‘Justified’ singer is experiencing quite the career high this year with his latest #1 hit ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’.

New Justin music is due to appear on The Trolls soundtrack later this fall, but what about a new full-length record? Will we have to wait 7+ years again? Will it be a longer wait.

On the contrary – while executive producing the soundtrack for The Trolls, JT has been pulling double duty by locking in some studio session of his own for his next record. Something about not limiting the creativity, you know?

While at Comic-Con to promote The Trolls movie, Justin was pressed by Entertainment Weekly about his next record. Spoiler alert – don’t expect it anytime soon. The good news? We’ll be getting it within the next few years.

Define soon – I don’t know. Definitely before [2017 or 2018] ends. I don’t want to say anything because I’ve put my foot in my mouth before about it and then I took seven years. I can say I won’t do that, but we’ll see.

While we’ve been less than thrilled with ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’, we’re remaining optimistic and looking forward to Justin’s original material. Here’s to hoping he does something as forward thinking as some of his past material rather than play it safe.

Are you ready for JT’s next record?

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