Allie X Releases Her New ‘CollXtion II’ Track – ‘Casanova’

As the weeks go on this summer, we aren’t getting any closer to Allie X’s highly anticipated second chapter in her ‘CollXtion’ series. Still, we’re being treated to new music every now and then.

This week, ‘Casanova’ was released as the next taste from what Allie is creating behind the scenes for her EP. Staying true to the project’s campaign, ‘Casanova’ has only been made available in demo form.

Stripping down what we can only assume is a moody, electro number, Allie sings about how her once prince charming turned out to be nothing but a monster in disguise.

You’re a heavenly creature/With a real dark agenda/You can turn a believer/Into a damn dirty sinner/Am I having a seizure?/Cause I’m shaking up with fear/Oh I know, yeah I know that

You’re no casanova/Got to let you go/Hit me on my blind side/Left me on the floor/Now I can’t see the bright light/Body getting cold/There’s something ’bout your touch/That I can’t leave alone


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