JoJo Announces Her Third Album ‘Mad Love’, Releases Lead Single ‘Fuck Apologies’ Ft. Wiz Khalifa

At the start of the summer. JoJo promised fans that new music would see the light of day and that there would be news regarding her highly anticipated LP. Well, we’re entering the last half of the season and there seems to be no update on her or her team’s front when it comes to new music…until now.

Today, JoJo launches her brand new single ‘Fuck Apologies’ ft. Wiz Khalifa off of her forthcoming album ‘Mad Love’, due out on October 14th.

The last time we heard from JoJo she was pushing a string of singles that all captured a specific sound that differentiated them from each other. ‘Fuck Apologies’ continues to take us to a new sound. There’s no traces of house or R&B on this track. Instead, JoJo navigates into more of an alt-pop lane that draws on some lite hip-hop influences to give ‘Fuck Apologies’ its own flavor.

It sounds like a smash after one listen! The melodies and lyrics are strong and there’s couldn’t have been a better rapper than Wiz Khalifa to take ‘Fuck Apologies’ to the next level.

Is this the true return of JoJo?

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