Martin Garrix Returns With Bebe Rexha Assited Single ‘In The Name Of Love’

Martin Garrix has really been through it over the past few years. After a shoddy label deal that he managed to escape from, the Dutch DJ is back today on his own terms with his first radio friendly single in years.

With his new single ‘In The Name Of Love’, Martin has turned to rising pop star, Bebe Rexha, to round out his latest effort. Bebe has become somewhat of an EDM go-to. She’s had a string of hits in the genre thanks to Cash Cash and David Guetta. It’s a no brainer to turn to her to give your song some star quality.

Can magic strike for the third time with Bebe? It’s possible. ‘In The Name Of Love’ is nothing special, but Rexha has this certain thing about her where almost everything she touches turns to gold. And frankly, she needs somewhat of a solo hit in order to create some hype around her forthcoming debut album.

Will ‘In The Name Of Love’ be the next big thing?


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