The Chainsmokers Team Up With Halsey On Their New Single ‘Closer’

It’s astounding that The Chainsmokers have solidified themselves as a force in the EDM world after a string of alternative driven singles after one of the biggest novelty singles the genre has seen.

Today, the duo sets their sights on extending their string of top 5 hits with their new single ‘Closer’ featuring Halsey. Following their trend of plucking alt-pop singers and placing them on their left-of-center production, Halsey sounds right at home on ‘Closer’.

The most surprising, and perhaps refreshing, quality ‘Closer’ has is that The Chainsmokers finally decide to step outside their producer credit and bring their vocals to the track. Not a lot of EDM related acts can tackle both production and vocals – it’s one or the other. We’re happy to see that they have something else that can help extend their future in the music world and distance themselves from that ‘#Selfie’ stigma that seems like a distant memory now.

Thoughts on The Chainsmokers’ latest?


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