Fifth Harmony Pay Tribute To Destiny’s Child On Greatest Hits

Ever since ABC premiered their hit show Greatest Hits earlier this summer, one performance in particular was hyped up to be the one you had to catch this season.

This week, it finally aired. Fifth Harmony joined the ranks of other artists who have paid tribute or teamed up with artists to perform some of their most iconic songs from the 90s and 2000s.

Kicking things off with a seamless rendition of ‘Say My Name’, 5H hammered through other DC cuts like ‘Independent Women Part 1′, ‘Bootylicious’, and ‘Survivor’.

When notable and rather untouchable artists or groups are covered, you tend to enter shaky territory. Luckily, Fifth Harmony managed to pull this one off (minus one small section in ‘Survivor’) without a hitch. Each girl complemented each other, there were zero attempts to out sing the person standing next to you, and they all acted like a group that enjoyed sharing the stage for once.

Anyway they can bottle this up and inject it into some of their other live performances?

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