Britney Spears’ Ninth Album To Focus On Empowering Women

Very slowly but surely, Britney Spears is working to release her ninth studio album. Lead by the single ‘Make Me’ featuring G-Eazy, Britney has been at the top of pop fan’s minds since last month when it slow burning mid-tempo was premiered.

While fans countdown until the single’s music video and a release date for B9, Britney phoned into Rove and Sam‘s radio show to give her Australian fans a little 4-1-1 on what they can expect from her long awaited album.

There’s a couple of things you touch on – intimacy, being in love, and being a hopeless romantic – but also you know there’s a lot of things for girls and girl anthems and stuff like that. The video I just shot it’s me and all my girls we’re making guys audition for us. So the whole theme is basically us playing with them.

Women empowerment has become the go-to trend for pop females lately, so it’ll be interesting to hear Britney throw her hat in the ring and provide something fresh. After all, they don’t call her the pop princess for nothing.

As for when we’ll hear her new record, “soon” was the only word to describe B9’s release date, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll take that long for us to hear some new tunes from Brit. When she returns to Vegas in two weeks, Britney will treat fans to an exclusive or two to tie them over until her record drops.

I’m gonna put two new songs in the show which is gonna be kind of exciting to change things up a little bit. The new album is coming to the table soon so that will shake things up a little bit.

Odds are that the two new songs are ‘Make Me’ and ‘Private Show’, but we can all dream that we’ll get a bonus new track until we get something more concrete from Team Britney about her mysterious ninth album.

Are you ready for some empowering anthems from Britney later this year?

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