DJ Khaled Hooks Up With Meghan Trainor On ‘Forgive Me Father’

DJ Khaled has released his highly anticipated new album, ‘Major Key’, and there’s no shortage of superstar collaborators on the record. However, one collaboration in particular made everyone do a double take when the track list was revealed weeks ago.

Most have written Meghan off as one of the worst things to have happened to pop music, but on ‘Forgive Me Father’ Meghan puts on her feature hat for a second and try her hand at some real hip-hop.

The thing that really flies over people’s heads is how great of a songwriter Meghan can be. Toss out all the cheesy pop one-liners and she’s actually one of the best songwriters amongst her peers right now. Thankfully, she’s managed to catch the ears of other industry heavyweights and they’ve given her the chance to spread her wings and lend her talents to other genres.

Listen to ‘Forgive Me Father’ here.

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