Ariana Grande Releases ‘Voodoo Love’ & The Demo Of ‘Honeymoon Avenue’ For Fans

Can we even pinpoint the exact moment in time when Ariana Grande promised fans some goodies from her vault?

Somewhere between The Honeymoon Tour and ‘Dangerous Woman’, Ariana told fans that they would be treated to the highly anticipated, unreleased track ‘Voodoo Love’ and the original demo of ‘Honeymoon Avenue’.  Things sort of got lost in the mix and it looked this idea was shelved indefinitely.

Turns out it wasn’t! Earlier today, Ari made both songs available on SoundCloud for her devoted Arianators.

The most astounding thing from both of these ‘Yours Truly’ outtakes is how clear her evolution as an artist is. In just three short years, she’s transitioned from a bubblegum, c-list pop artist into running contender for the pop princess throne.

Often times, outtakes are meant to stay on the cutting room floor. While this pair of tracks doesn’t really move mountains, it’s nice to gauge how far Ari has come and how exciting the future can be for her.

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