Britney Spears Shares ‘Glory’, Premieres ‘Private Show’ On AppleMusic

The time has come for the Holy Spearit to bless her devoted legions that make up the Britney Army once again.

After playing coy over the weekend with a slew of Australian radio hosts about her forthcoming album (“I’m actually not sure when it’s coming out” were her exact words), Britney went and dropped the bomb yesterday afternoon on her social media accounts that her ninth album, to be titled ‘Glory’, will be released on August 26th.

Glory’ – now available for pre-order on iTunes contains twelve tracks on the standard and seventeen tracks on the deluxe edition. Sadly, fans will still have to wait a bit longer while Team Britney finalizes the tracklist.

Along with the pre-order of Britney’s new album, fans were treated to the full version of ‘Private Show’ – a horny heavy ode to love making co-written by Britney and produced by Young FyreWhen the song was first teased in the commercial for her new perfume of the same name, Britney labeled the song as a sexier one and it looks like she’s sticking true to her word with this one!

Take your seat now/Put on a private show/Pull the curtains until they close/I put on a private show/We’ll be wilin’ out on the low/Work it/work it/Boy watch me work it/Slide down my pole/Watch my spin it and twerk it

Very much like ‘Make Me’, Britney sounds more confident, alive, and excited about her work than some of the material that has been available in recent years.

Admittedly, ‘Private Show’ is not for everyone. Major highlights include the use of her full voice (when does that happen…?), the rap-esque bridge, and the playfulness at the close of the track! Classic Britney. By all that alone, it’s a knock out for us!

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