Tove Lo Kick Starts Her Sophomore Album With The New Single ‘Cool Girl’

She’s back! After taking much of 2016 to craft her sophomore album and lend her voice to a feature or two, Tove Lo is ready to shake things up during Q4 and it all starts with her new single ‘Cool Girl’.

Compared to her previous material, there’s a heavy dark undertone in the sound this time around. Around the lyrics and her voice, the electronic heavy production slinks and slides until the chorus comes in and the beat switches up to a house influenced break down.

Earlier this year, Tove Lo revealed that much of her new music would draw on the same inspirations as The Weeknd’s album and lean more towards “a techno sound”.

It’s safe to say that Tove Lo is ready to reinvent her sound and take her career to the next level with this new album! If she keeps it up, she’ll be back on top of the charts before we know it.

Thoughts on ‘Cool Girl’?

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