Britney Spears Premieres Her ‘Make Me’ Music Video

Since Britney Spears released her new single ‘Make Me‘ last week, fans have been on the edge of their seat waiting for its ultra sexy music video.

Luckily, Britney heard the cries from the Army. Today, we have the official premiere of Britney’s ‘Make Me’ music video featuring G-Eazy.

Unfortunately, the version we were due to get was scrapped and the actual video we got seems to have confirm the rumors that Britney reshot the video recently.

Sitting with her girls, Britney runs through a rank of models and auditions them to be … we don’t really know.

To be frank, ‘Make Me’ has to be her worst video to date. There’s absolutely zero connection between the visual and the song. If she or her team weren’t comfortable with the original concept, then they shouldn’t have even entertained it. Point blank.

Or maybe perhaps it was the leak that swayed Britney’s decision to change up the original concept? We’ll never know – but cheers to another video that is due to be locked in the unreleased Britney vault.

Are you disappointed in the ‘Make Me’ video?

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