REPORT: Lady Gaga’s New Single To Arrive In A Month’s Time

Q4 is just one month away and all of pop music’s superstar acts will begin to drop bomb after bomb until the year is up.

The big releases begin to kick off with the princess of pop in a little less than three weeks from now, but rumor has it that she’s not the only pop phenom to be giving us new music. In fact, we might be getting new music from Lady Gaga sooner than we’ve ever expected.

For the past year and a half, Gaga has been loosely working on the follow-up to ‘ARTPOP’ with the likes of RedOne, Mark Ronson, and more. With no release date in sight or talk of a new single on the horizon, it looked like we would have to wait until 2017 to see what Gaga has been keeping under wraps for so long.

According to a few radio stations, the word between Interscope and select radio programmers is that we may be getting new music from Lady Gaga in about 30 days.

Sure – radio hosts can lie to fans all the time in hopes of giving their audience a little bit of a boost. But, where there’s smoke there’s fire. GagaDaily, one of the biggest Lady Gaga fan sites, was able to confirm to a fan who seemed a tad skeptical about Chase Murphy’s Twitter revelation.

Keep in mind that GagaDaily has been able to confirm insider information in the past as well as snag an exclusive or two throughout Gaga’s career.

On top of Gaga Daily’s seal of approval, David from That Grape Juice also began to tease Gaga’s imminent return with a series of tweets.

A storm is brewin’ and it looks like Gaga is ready to take no prisoners this time around. Having one of pop’s most powerful entities to come out of the gate with something groundbreaking to the genre and her career could be the one thing we need to get some excitement back into pop this year.

Are you preparing for Lady Gaga’s new music?

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