What Happened To Britney Spears’ Original Music Video For ‘Make Me’?

The big news in Britney land is that her ninth studio album ‘Glory’ will be released at the end of the month, but the only thing fans can talk about is the music video for her new single ‘Make Me’.

On Friday, the princess of pop released a different clip instead of the sexually charged video we were all expecting. Gone were (most of) the barely-there outfits and male dancers. Instead, Britney and her girls auditioned a series of guys to make BritBrit, well, ‘oooh’.

The second the music video was released, fans were extremely vocal about their disappointment – even going as far as to creating a petition that demanded RCA to release the original clip.

So what happened to the David LaChapelle directed visual? What’s the real story behind Britney’s decision to move forward with a completely different vision?

That depends on who you believe.

Fans have been theorizing that the overtly sexual clip was too much for Britney and it was scrapped in favor for a more demure tone. After all – nude outfits, mock orgies, and simulated sex don’t really scream “mommy” and Britney has been known to tone down a video or two over the past several years.

However, TMZ has challenged that rumor. According to their sources, Team Britney felt that the video was too disjointed and lacked a cohesive plot. We feel that there’s still some holes in the video we got, but what TMZ is claiming doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

If you’ve seen the leaked clips, you’ll see that the video jumps from performance shots to Britney in a room of male models as she chucks a TV out of the window. Then, there’s the scene with G-Eazy and the shots from the video shoot of her and her male dancers on a bulldozer. Doesn’t make any sense now, does it?

There’s also whispers from a few “insiders” online that may be accurate. On PopJustice’s forum, one user in particular has been teasing bits of info all weekend about the decision behind the original video’s fate (including that RCA has heard Britney fans loud and clear) and it all came to a head today when they shared the original video may see the light of day after all.

Alright guys, I have a somewhat more detailed update regarding the original version of the video. Like stated yesterday, there has been some communication made with David, but the main obstacle is RCA/Sony and the advertisers. Britney’s team is having a difficult time getting the video released in any capacity unless 1. David is willing to make adjustments to the product placement OR 2. Sony/RCA and the advertisers are ok with dropping the product placement in that version.

In the final edit of David’s video Britney is seen throwing the television out the window with the Orange Theory ad still on, which is being seen as a way of mocking the brand. EOS is also not pleased with how their product was integrated into the video.

So it all comes down to marketing unfortunately. Had they not used these brands to fund the project I’m guessing none of this would have spiraled out of control.

Interesting angle. We’ve never quite heard of a brand being so upset with the way they’re represented in an artist’s video, but it could be possible. The bit about LaChapelle refusing to compromise his work sounds about right. His reputation for being one of the best, but also one of the most difficult men to work with, is notorious in the industry.

Which of the three could it be? Too sexy, too loose, or too many politics involved? Whatever the case may be, it looks like the release of the original video may be possible somewhere down the line.

Do you think the original version of ‘Make Me’will be released?

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