Ariana Grande Channels Whitney Houston On The Greatest Hits Finale

Every week this summer, Greatest Hits has proven to be a runaway hit for ABC. With today’s brightest stars paying tribute or performing with some of the biggest stars from the pasts, it’s given us a way to bridge the old with the new and introduce some of the classics to a new generation.

During this week’s finale, Ariana Grande took the stage to honor one of the biggest voices of all time – Whitney Houston. Fitting, seeing that she’s this generation’s biggest vocalist, Ariana belted her way through ‘How Will I Know?’ into ‘Queen Of The Night’ from The Bodyguard.

Could this have been loaded with hits? Of course – but Ariana choosing to cover one of Whitney’s underrated gems was a smart choice, especially when you take into consideration this “dangerous” image she’s been pushing lately.

Did you enjoy Ariana covering Whitney Houston on Greatest Hits?

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