Britney Spears Premieres The Third ‘Glory’ Promo Track – ‘Clumsy’

Earlier this week, PopCrush shared the news that Britney Spears would released another promo track from ‘Glory’ this week – the bedroom jam ‘Clumsy’.

We were promised a banger that puts Britney back on the dance floor and ‘Clumsy’ delivers on that promise. With a slight ragtime/show tune influence in the verses that builds until a high octane drop post-chorus, Britney keeps the energy going on another strong track from her forthcoming record.

Call me a fool/Call me insane/But don’t call it day/Closer to you/Closer to pain/ It’s better than far away/Whoa, whoa, oh/Oops!

Between all the gasps, moans, and ‘come here baby’s, it sounds like Britney is positively having a good ol’ time in the sack with her latest conquest on ‘Clumsy’.

Clocking in at just under three minutes, it’s the shortest song we’ve heard thus far and perhaps the most peculiar. The melodic arrangements aren’t the most structured for a Britney Spears song and ‘Clumsy’ isn’t as immediate as ‘Make Me…’ or ‘Private Show’.

Still, there’s a lot of elements here that fans are going to love. Britney is 3-0 for sounding like she’s having fun with her music again, the ‘whoas’ beckon the chorus from ‘Til The World Ends’, and it’s finally song that can get them dancing in the clubs.

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