Christina Aguilera & Nile Rodgers Unite On ‘Telepathy’

Earlier this week, many of us were celebrating the fact that Christina Aguilera’s ‘Back To Basics’ was released a decade ago – the throwback album that solidified Xtina as “the voice” of her generation.

Ready for more of a vintage vibe from Christina? This morning, the ‘Change’ singer joins the legendary Nile Rodgers on ‘Telepathy’, a disco-thumpin’, glistening 70’s track from Baz Luhrmann’s Netflix series The Get Down.

Christina has never entered the disco waters before and the main question after listening to ‘Telepathy’ is why on earth did she wait this long to do so? This sound brings out everything that we love about Christina – timeless pop music with a singer who can elevate any lyric with the power of her voice.

Speaking of timeless, Christina has mentioned that word when it comes to describing her highly anticipated new album. Could this be a preview of the direction she’s heading in?

Thoughts on ‘Telepathy’?

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