Little Mix To Release Their Fourth Album Before The End Of The Year

This time last year, Little Mix were just getting things going with album number three. After taking the world by storm with a string of hit singles and a sold out tour, it’s time to start things all over again with a brand new record.

While on the road for their Get Weird Tour this spring, the girls started formulating what their next record would sound like. Things have really accelerated for Little Mix because, according to Jade, their forthcoming album is due for release before Christmas with a new single to come imminently.

It’s moving a lot faster than any of the other albums have done, because we want to release it before Christmas, which means we have to have the first single ready pretty soon

We’ve been setting up writing camps with people we know, so even we if can’t make it to a writing session the music is still sure to be relatable to us.

Reiterating Jade’s statement on the album being relatable for the girls, Perry jumped off her point in a separate interview with Sugarscape that the album has really allowed the girls to grow as artists and women.

It’s very – and I know we probably said this about the last album – honest. It’s very what’s been happening in the past few months or the past year. We’ve been through a lot personally, emotionally and career-wise. Every aspect, we’ve wanted to just get off our chest and the best way to do it is with this album. That’s why we’re loving it so much. It’s like therapy.

If the girls are eyeing a Christmas release, we’re sure that we’re only a few short weeks away from the set’s lead single. So what should we be ready for when it comes to LM4? Will their new record dive deeper into the pop sound on ‘Get Weird’ or will they get back to their urban-pop roots? Buckle up – everything’s about to be revealed in due time.

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