Tinashe To Finally Release ‘Joyride’ This Fall

This past year, Tinashe fans have been going through it. The singer’s sophomore album – ‘Joyride’ – was announced last fall and due for release shortly after that. Then, the album faced push back after push back as Tinashe went back into the studio multiple times to tweak the record.

During this, Tinashe also hit the road to support her record which was ultimately postponed mid-way through so she could wrap up ‘Joyride’ for the final time.

Now with the era back on track and ‘Superlove’ quietly making waves, will we actually get ‘Joyride’ before the year is up or will we have to endure more delays?

THANKFULLY – Tinashe has exclusively confirmed to Rap-Up that ‘Joyride’ is (finally) coming this fall.

It’s coming in October, so very soon. The majority of the album was recorded even before 2016. It was mostly recorded in 2015. The heart of the album still remains the same and then I’m still just adding little tidbits, little touches, anything that inspires me throughout this year.

Will any of the songs we’ve heard prior to ‘Superlove’ make the cut? Tinashe shared with Rap-Up that ‘Party Favors’ will appear on the final tracklist, but that ‘Joyride’ won’t be very feature heavy.

Does that mean ‘Player’ got the boot? Time will tell, but it seems like we’re finally able to hit the road on a trip that Tinashe’s been planning for quite some time now.

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