Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks’ ‘Red Flame’ Leaks

Back when Lady Gaga’s infamous ‘ARTPOP’ was being conceived, Azealia Banks was attached to the project on a number of tracks. We now know that there was some sort of fall out between the two artists and that Azealia was removed from the project and that songs like ‘Ratchet’ and ‘Red Flame’ were scrapped.

Like all things that are left on the cutting room floor, a chunk of ‘Red Flame’ has finally made its way onto the Internet and the most shocking part about the song is that it very much comes off as an “Azealia Banks” song versus a “Lady Gaga” song.

To be honest, it was the right decision to leave ‘Red Flame’ off of ‘ARTPOP’. There’s a slight electronic element to ‘Red Flame’ and it’s very much left of center, but it just doesn’t fit the vibe that Gaga was pushing during that era.

What Azealia should have done is took the song for herself and made it her own. Why she didn’t? Well, ultimately the song belonged to DJ White Shadow and Gaga. Surely come sort of behind the scenes deal could have been worked out?

Thoughts on ‘Red Flame’?

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