Is Nicki Minaj Going Pop On Her Fourth Album?

It’s debatable, but it’s not outrageous to say that Nicki Minaj’s recent album – ‘The Pinkprint’ – was a moderate success.

While she ruled the rap charts and urban radio, Nicki was largely absent from the pop charts (sans a feature or two) and seemingly retired her dance-pop beats for something more authentic.

It looks like Nicki has had a change of heart. During a Complex Facebook Live event with London On Da Track shared what artists he’s been working with and Ms. Minaj was on his extensive list of collaborations.

I just got out of the studio with Nicki. We got about three to four records. These are more singing records than rap – more crossover. It gives me a chance to show my other side. 

Reports are swirling that Nicki is going more pop for album number four. The word “crossover” may hint at that, but it’s way too soon to jump the gun and be set on the fact that Nicki is embracing pop once again.

For one, she got ripped apart when she started doing dance music and, more or less, denounced pop music in favor of hip-hop after the ‘Roman Reloaded’ era came to a close.

Additionally, it’s very common for Nicki to release a mix of rap and singing tracks on each one of her albums. From ‘Save Me’ to ‘Marilyn Monroe’ to ‘Grand Piano’, there’s always that element on a Nicki record. To think that she’d discard it (or fully focus on that) would be foolish. After all, Nicki isn’t known for her set of pipes.

Don’t get us wrong. We’d love to hear some more NickiPop on NM4 – but without any other clues as to what she’s creating in the studio right now, it would be a mistake to jump the gun like this.

Do you think Nicki should embrace more of a pop sound on her fourth album?

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