Katy Perry Says ‘Rise’ Isn’t An Indication Of KP4

When Katy Perry released ‘Rise’, it dropped out of the sky out of nowhere. Was this the first single off of Katy’s highly anticipated fourth album? Was this a response to Taylor Swift after all the ‘Bad Blood’ & ‘Famous’ drama?

We all know by now that ‘Rise’ was selected to be the official anthem of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, but there was still a bit of uneasiness from Katy fans after the booming ballad’s release.

Was this the new sound Katy would move forward with for KP4? Not necessarily. During a sit-down with Mashable, the topic of ‘Rise’ and her next record came up and Katy made it clear that ‘Rise’ is nothing more than something to hold fans over until her new album is ready for consumption.

I would never necessarily go with this type of song as the first single in the middle of summer. It wasn’t obvious as something I would go with for the next record, but it seemed to match the spirit of the athletes. I felt like that really matched. I’ve been taking my time making this record and I just wanted to have a bridge of something whether I was thinking about doing something for a film or something like this and this seemed so obvious and such a perfect fit. 

So what will that record Katy is working on sound like? She claims it’s “too soon” to tell, but rumors suggest that Katy is prepping for an end of the year release.

What are you looking from Katy on KP4?

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