Britney Spears Shares Mattman & Robin Produced ‘Do You Wanna Come Over’

Britney Spears is due to release ‘Glory’ in about a week’s time and we’ve heard three very different sounds from the princess of pop so far. With her latest promo track – ‘Do You Wanna Come Over’ – just made available, has Britney finally delivered the classic pop banger that we’ve come to expect from her?

Taking a page out of Gwen Stefani’s book, Britney goes left (very left) and nearly tosses everything out of the window that we’ve known about her. One would say that she’s finally been able to embrace that artsy-fartsy sound she’s been dying to try out.

There’s no dance beat, no electronic influences – nothing. Instead, ecstacy inducing synths build up only to come crashing down into a New Wave/latin infused production.

Grant it, the sex appeal and signature tone in her voice is still intact, but if we didn’t know Britney was behind this track we could have sworn that this was No Doubt’s comeback track!

I could get into the kissin’ and touchin’/Or we could be good and do next to nothing/Do you wanna come over?/Do you wanna come over?

Another interesting route for Ms. Spears to take. It’s become quite clear that ‘Glory’ will be her most eclectic record to date and that each song on the album will be as diverse as the one before it.


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