Shawn Mendes Shares ‘Mercy’ Off Of His New Album ‘Illuminate’

We’re still quite a ways away from Shawn Mendes’ sophomore album ‘Illuminate’, but given the amount of music we’ve already heard from the set, it’s clear that there’s a big push to position him as one of the biggest male artists.

Take his latest promo single ‘Mercy’. Channeling some real soul and heartfelt emotions into his music elevates him from where he was when he released ‘Handwritten’. No longer is Shawn just the young boy breaking out for the first time. Now, he’s experienced things and lived life. He’s had his heartbroken, he’s seen the world, he’s matured.

Each song from the record has shown tremendous growth from the last record. It’s safe to say that Shawn Mendes could sweep Q4 as the hottest male artist on the charts if he keeps churning out quality tune after quality tune like this.

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