Britney Spears “Would Probably Do” The Superbowl

For years now, Britney Spears has been rumored to take the world’s biggest stage during the Super Bowl. No matter if the ‘Glory’ singer has an album out or not, she always manages to wind up at the top of organizer’s lists.

Team Britney has never acknowledged these rumors, but it seems like all this chitter-chatter could have some sort of weight to it.

After NFL officials debunked the idea of Adele performing at this year’s game, it looks like Britney’s name is in the mix again. When speaking with The Sun to promote her new album, the topic of Britney performing at the Super Bowl came up in conversation.

Yes. I would ­probably do that. I would have to have a little support group, another artist of course. I don’t think you would ever do the Super Bowl alone. That would be kind of scary.

There’s a few things that make us think that this means nothing. For one, it’s The Sun. Second, anybody who has been involved with the Super Bowl over the past few years has been coy about any rumors surrounding their involvement. Thirdly, this sounds like a hypothetical question that most likely caught BritBrit off guard.

However…Britney has let major gigs slip before. She talked about her Vegas residency in interviews before it was formally announced and is currently back in tip-top pop shape. Let’s not forget that Britney is a seasoned Super Bowl veteran.

What do you think about this latest development between Britney Spears and the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

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