Katy Perry To Experiment With Her Sound On KP4

Katy Perry gets an awful lot of flack for following the same formula on each one of her albums. With Dr. Luke, Bonnie McKee, and Max Martin labelled as her “dream team”, it’s not a surprise that Katy has diverted away from the sound that’s given her #1 hit after #1 hit.

So should we expect ‘Teenage Dream’ 3.0 later this year or early next? Hardly. According to 97.1 AMP Radio and On Air with Ryan Seacrest, it looks like Katy is finally ready to change things up on her forthcoming record.

Some of these statements seem to contradict the fact that Katy said ‘Rise isn’t an indication of her fourth record. We’re going to go with the idea of KP4 falling more in line with the uplifting quality that ‘Rise’ had versus its sonics.

So what does this all mean? It sounds like Katy is digging deeper than ever before and taking the time to work on a record she can stand behind that reaches more people than ever before. Katy is wise – she’s not your average pop star. She knows what it takes to take her career to the next level and is willing to go against what people expect from her and go with her gut.

What are you looking for from Katy’s fourth record?

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