The Most Classic Britney Spears Moments On ‘Glory’

It’s been nearly a week since Britney Spears’ ninth studio album – ‘Glory’ – made its way onto the Internet and a little over 24 hours since its official release.

Typically, the word “comeback” is attached to Britney Spears every time she begins a new era. This time, it’s different.  Over the past seven days, the general consensus surrounding the record is that ‘Glory’ marks a return to form for the pop icon. Gone are the paint-by-numbers hits and her disconnected demeanor. After taking nearly two years to work on this record, Britney has firmly re-secured her spot as one of the most innovative pop thinkers of her generation.

What can we say that hasn’t already been said?

Yes, this is a perfect sequel to the vibey and experimental ‘In The Zone’. Yes, people will say that Britney is trend hopping into what’s working in pop today (for what it’s worth, Britney was merging pop, R&B, and hip-hop long before some of these kids could even hold a mic). Yes, she sounds more alive, engaged, and passionate in nearly a decade. Yes, this is quite possibly her best album since her peak. Yes, this is the album she’s been wanting to make for years.

What we can unequivocally say is that each and every song on ‘Glory’ is a Britney Spears song. There’s no other artist out there who could take these 17 tracks and make them sound and feel the way they do. It’s those little Britney-isms that elevate certain songs. Whether it be a certain lyric, a moan, or her girlish voice, there’s plenty all over ‘Glory’. Consider the following a blueprint of the biggest moments on this record.


Key lyric: It’s a toss up between ‘Put you love all over’ and ‘Yes or no, but no maybes/No gonna beg, so don’t make me’.
Highlight: Britney soaring to the heavens as her falsetto rides the “ah-ah-ah-aaah” hook.

‘Make Me…’

Key lyric: ‘Like it ain’t a choice for you/Like you got a job to do’.
Highlight: A refreshing way to lead the era.

‘Private Show’

Key lyric: ‘Slide down my pole/Watch me spin it and twerk it’.
Highlight: The spoken word monologue at the end. What a throwback to some of her earlier material.

‘Man On The Moon’

Key lyric: ‘Drinking alone in my party dress/Would you come back if I looked my best?
Highlight: The entire song. The juxtaposition of optimism and melancholiness has given us the Britney ballad we’ve all been waiting years for.

Just Luv Me’

Key lyric: ‘I’mma key it simple, real simple/Just luv me’.
Highlight: The soul in Britney’s voice during the middle-eight. Her best vocal performance in years.


Key lyric: Again – another toss up. ‘Oops!’ or ‘Come here baby…’.
Highlight: The animated tone in Britney’s voice.

‘Do You Wanna Come Over?’

Key lyric: ‘Uh huh’.
Highlight: The purr behind that key lyric. But really the entire song is the best on the record.

‘Slumber Party’

Key lyric: ‘Turn on the music that makes us go fucking crazy, oh’.
Highlight: Everything. ‘Slumber Party’ is living proof that Britney should exclusively work with Swedish producers. Nobody gets her like they do.

Just Like Me’

Key lyric: ‘No, I just can’t believe’.
Highlight: See above. Toss in the bridge too for good measure.

‘Love Me Down’

Key lyric: ‘Lah-lah-lah, love me/Lah-lah-lah, love me/Lah-lah-lah, love me down’
Highlight: There’s a lot of great vocal moments on this record. Sans ‘Do You Wanna Come Over?’, ‘Love Me Down’ is one of the most playful moments on ‘Glory’.

‘Hard To Forget Ya’

Key lyric: N/A
Highlight: Honestly, this is the only filler track on the record – but we love the place (2003) where the pre-chorus takes us.

‘What You Need’

Key lyric: ‘Bringing out the diva that lives in meeeeeh.’
Highlight: VOCALS. VOCALS. VOCALS. There’s nothing quite like when Britney lets go…


Key lyric: ‘So good/So good/So damn/So good’
Highlight: An overrated track. It’s nice, it’s fine. There’s a lot of other highlights on the record that shine brighter than ‘Better’.

‘Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)’

Key lyric:I’m desperate/So desperate’.
Highlight: The thirst is so real on this one. Really thought, the production is what takes the cake! When has Britney gone Latin? On very rare occasions. It’s a breath of fresh air.


Key lyric:Kah-muh-kah-zee…’
Highlight: Britney attempted to combine Western/Country influences on ‘Britney Jean’ and we saw how that worked out. For a girl who’s been wanting a foot-stomping, pop/rock anthem – she’s finally nailed it with this one.

‘If I’m Dancing’

Key lyric: ‘If I’m dooooohnncing….I know the music’s good’.
Highlight: Every Britney album has a quirky song – from ‘Brave New Girl’ to ‘How I Roll’. This one will fit quite nicely next to those.

‘Coupure électrique’

Key lyric: …??
Highlight: The fact that it calls out Britney’s infamous fifth album. The fact that she has delivered the most experimental cut of her career.

What are your favorite moments on ‘Glory’?

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