Kanye West Premieres The ‘Fade’ Music Video At The VMAs

Surprise! The biggest moment of the VMAs tonight was Kanye West’s much-hyped four minutes where he could do whatever he wanted. So what did the rapper choose to do? Premiere the brand new music video for ‘Fade’.

Starring Teyana Taylor, the clips pays homage the the VHS era with Teyana front and center as she works on grind in an 80’s inspired gym. She’s sweating, she’s working…she’s cooling off in a post-work out shower (or heating things up even more depending on your take on the end of the video). Without a doubt, another great moment for Kanye.

The greatest thing about the ‘Fade’ video is that it straddles the idea of commercial and art and reminds us how great a visual can be for a song. Nobody quite gets it like Kanye West does, and for MTV to give him the platform to premiere such an impeccible work of art…this is exactly what the VMAs are all about.

Watch ‘Fade’ on TIDAL.

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