Melanie Martinez Debuts The ‘Tag You’re It/Milk And Cookies’ Double Feature

If you though the ‘Crybaby’ era was over, you haven’t seen anything yet. After a few months of silence. Melanie Martinez has thrusted herself back into the pop world with the premiere of her latest double feature, ‘Tag You’re It/Milk And Cookies’.

As with nearly all of Melanie’s visuals, the pop singer has taken a relatively common nursery rhyme and turned it sinister.

Putting her own spin on the Big Bad Wolf, Melanie is ruthlessly stalked and eventually abducted by The Milkman in ‘Tag You’re It’. After she’s kidnapped and brought back to his cave, Melanie is forced to – you guessed it – serve our wolf milk and cookies…but with a twist.

Does she make it out alive? Does our wolf get the best of her? Watch the double feature below to find out.

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