A Clip Of Britney Spears & DJ Mustard’s ‘Mood Ring’ Surfaces

Before ‘Glory’ was even conceived, DJ Mustard spoke out about teaming up with Britney Spears in the studio on a hard hitting banger.

We all know by now that DJ Mustard was referencing the song ‘Mood Ring’ and that it was noticeably absent from ‘Glory’‘s final tracklist. What you may be unaware of is that the song will be featured on the Japanese release of ‘Glory’.

While that won’t happen for another two weeks, a snippet of the trap heavy song has just surfaced online.

I turned some hearts into stone/and I can’t hide it no more/My love is a mood ring/Up and down emotions all these mood swings/You know how to read the tension/My skin, nothing on my body but this mood ring

It’s as sensual as the rest of the material on ‘Glory’, but Mustard wasn’t lying about how hard it goes. Hands down, the most hip-hop influenced record of Britney’s career. It goes without saying that we’re beyond ready for the full version to be available on September 14th.

Listen to a clip of ‘Mood Ring’ here.


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