Alicia Keys Debuts New Single ‘Back To Life’, Performs On The Today Show

Alicia Keys has had a rough time with this whole comeback she’s had going on this year. ‘In Common’ was criminally ignored and the other material that has followed has barely made a blip on anyone’s radar.

Still, the brand new coach on The Voice is still ready to release new music. Last week, she dropped ‘Back To Life’ – the lead single from Disney’s Queen Of Katwe.

We get where Alicia is going with her new sound and forthcoming record…but it just really isn’t connecting. If ‘In Common’ didn’t have a prayer’s chance at making it, then what else will?

The main problem with ‘Back to Life’ is that it takes to long to get going. A full two minutes go by before the meet kicks in and the song develops any sort of melodic structure.

It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the year treats Alicia. With such a large platform, she would release the right song at the right time and win back the public’s hearts and ears.

Watch Alicia Keys perform Back To Life on TODAY

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