Zara Larsson Performs ‘Lush Life’ On The Tonight Show

Zara Larsson may have just dropped a new single, but it was all about riding one last summer breeze before she slams into promoting ‘Ain’t My Fault’ throughout the fall.

As our Swedish favorite gets ready to release her international debut album before the end of the year, she stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week to give ‘Lush Life’ one of its final performances.

Let it be known that the way that ‘Lush Life’ was handled in the U.S. was absolutely annoying. For a song that was a global hit, there was no reason why it was barely able to crack the Billboard Hot 100.

Still – we got one last great performance from Zara. It’s incredible to see a new artist continue to grow and gain confidence as the months go by. Here’s to hoping she’ll have a better fall than summer.

#JusticeForLushLife or #JusticeForLushLife?

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