Lady Gaga Kicks Off LG5 With ‘Perfect Illusion’

It’s all come to this. After 2013’s ‘ARTPOP’ and Lady Gaga’s dedication to revamping her public image, we’re finally greeted with the start of her next era. With Mark Ronson, Tame Impala, and BloodPop in tow, the ‘Bad Romance’ singer is finally ready to share with the world what she’s been quietly working on with her brand new single ‘Perfect Illusion’.

From the promo images to the teaser released hours before the song’s debut, it was clear that Gaga was going for a rougher, more raw aesthetic look this time around.

Trading in her electronic, dance floor beats for something more industrial and 80’s, Gaga howls about heartbreak on her brand new single as she embraces the rock star she was always meant to be.

It wasn’t love/It was a perfect illusion/Mistaken for love/It wasn’t love/It was a perfect illusion

We’re not going to sugarcoat this. ‘Perfect Illusion’ is a lot to take in and, in some ways, it underwhelms. When you look at the long list of collaborators who have loaned their talents to this single, it should have been a surefire hit. At times, this song sounds very much like a leaked demo that needs a hell of a lot of polishing. There’s no way that ‘Perfect Illusion’ can complement lead singles like ‘Just Dance’, ‘Bad Romance’, or ‘Born This Way’.

However, we all need to keep in mind how much Lady Gaga was need of an overhaul. The dance music wasn’t working anymore. She was becoming pigeon-holed into this act she grew out of. While this new song might not be as immediate as her past singles, what ‘Perfect Illusion’ successful does is remind you how great of a pop songwriter Lady Gaga is, how she has a knack for melodies that seep into your brain, and how rich her raw talent can be.

It’s going to be quite a ride as we venture further and further into LG5. We’re interested in what she’s ready to offer, she’s game to defy all expectations – are you game for the return of Lady Gaga?


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