Tove Lo Releases ‘Influence’ Featuring Wiz Khalifa

Tove Lo’s ‘Lady Wood’ era is getting off to a slow start, but with a series of promo slots lined up the Swedish singer is bound to drum up even more buzz for her sophomore record

After appearing on The Tonight Show last week, Tove moves onto the record’s first promo single ‘Influence’ featuring Wiz Khalifa.

Over a slinky, ominous beat, Tove Lo captures the rush and deceit that comes with being in a different state of mind.

Things I say usually come easily/There’s one thing I need you to know about me/I’m under the influence/So don’t trust every word I say

It’s not unlike the same vibe that ‘Cool Girl’ sets, but there’s something about it that beckons some of the material found on ‘Queen Of The Clouds’.

Thoughts on ‘Influence’?


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