Ariana Grande Raps ‘Side To Side’ On The Tonight Show

Young Ariana might run pop, but when it comes to spitting a bar or two – she’ll give it her best shot! Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Ariana continues to move on from ‘Into You’ as she set up her new single – ‘Side To Side’ with another high profile performance.

Stripping away all the flashiness from the VMAs, Ariana was backed by her band and basically gave the kind of performance you’ve come to expect from her.

Then – Nicki’s rap comes in. Instead of Nicki’s vocals, Ariana decided to take it upon herself to rap Nicki’s lines. Starting off sheepishly, Ariana whispered her way through the first half before letting her voice do the talking and coming out confidently at the end.

She should really stick to her day job, but it’s good fun watching her jump out of her comfort zone from time to time.

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