Nelly Furtado Releases Her Latest Track ‘Islands Of Me’

It’s been a long time since we’ve said that we’re here for a Nelly Furtado track, but even the most unfathomable things can become the truth from time to time.

Slowly but surely, Nelly has been working her way back into the world of pop. Whether it’s teaming up with Dev Hynes for a one-off collab or release covers sporadically, the ‘Promiscuous’ singer has made it clear that a comeback is imminent.

After the critical and commercial failure of ‘The Spirit Indestructible’, Nelly went back to the drawing board for quite some time to develop her forthcoming album ‘The Ride’, due out in March 2017.

The first taste of that LP comes in the form of ‘Islands Of Me’ – a breezy, bouncy ode to freedom.

Is this the meanin’ of bein’ free?/When the only one on this island is me/Is this our one true destiny?/Everywhere I look all I see/Are islands of me, me, me

It’s nothing astounding, but it’s a nice return to form and brings Nelly back to that magic she discovered nearly a decade ago.

Could this be the start of something better for Nelly?

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