Britney Spears & DJ Mustard’s ‘Mood Ring’ Sees Release In Japan

Few things about the ‘Glory’ era aren’t as confusing as to why Britney Spears’ collaboration with DJ Mustard ended up on a Japanese release of the record.

After being hyped up by Mustard well over a year before the record conception, it seemed like a misstep for Team Britney that it wouldn’t be available in wide release.

Now that ‘Mood Ring’ has seen its release in Japan, that assumption couldn’t be correct. After receiving a solid collection of songs that show Britney at her strongest in nearly a decade, ‘Mood Ring’ comes in and takes the crown as album highlight.

DJ Mustard has brought his signature production and vibe to this track (think ‘Needed Me’ lite) as Britney finds herself deep in an urban pocket like never before. Vocals for days on this one as Britney sounds crisper than ever, utilizing her lower register and commercial voice in perfect harmony.

Think I’ve been here before/I’ve turned some hearts into stone/And I can’t hide it no more

My love is a mood ring/Up and down emotions/All these mood swings/You know how to read the touch of my skin/Nothing on my body, but this mood ring/You change me, ah

For Britney fans, it’s the cherry on top of a perfect album. For others, hopefully it’s the song that opens up their minds and allows them to realize Britney isn’t the one trick pony that they thought she was.

Listen to ‘Mood Ring’ here.

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