Years & Years Debut ‘Meteorite’

Missed the musical stylings of Years & Years? If so, you’re in lucky. Olly and the boys are back this week with a brand new track – not single – from the Bridgette Jones’ Baby soundtrack – the glistening ‘Meteorite’.

If you’re looking for a chance in direction or sound since ‘Communion’, you’ll be disappointed. Staying faithful to the lush, electro sounds from their debut, ‘Meteorite’ could have fallen right next to ‘King’ and ‘Worship’. Even certain lyrics that reference the themes from their record run throughout the song.

Still – it’s a bit of a poppier flare for the trio. The R&B and house influences have been muted for a fuller top 40 sound.

For a soundtrack single, it’s quite good. Really good. The boys have been busy on tour for the past two years so the odds of new music coming anytime soon is unlikely. Luckily, this gem can tie us over until they’re ready to share their next chapter.

Thoughts on ‘Meteorite’?

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