Ariana Grande Shares ‘Knew Better’ Pt. 2 On Soundcloud

Ever since ‘Dangerous Woman’ dropped in May, Ariana Grande fans were begging their idol for a continuation of the bonus track ‘Knew Better’.

Shortly after the record dropped, Ari shared that she would perform the full track on tour – but it looks like Ariana couldn’t wait until 2017 to gift her fans with the full song.

Today, the ‘Into You’ singer premiered ‘Knew Better’ Part Two on her Soundcloud. Bedsides an extra verse and a bit of a rap about Mac Miller, what’s the major difference? The production!

The songs fuller with a little bit of a house infused vibe versus the stripped away, simplistic sound that found a home ‘Dangerous Woman’. Part 2 is very much rooted in R&B and hip-hop (that trap-lite breakdown at the end is such a solid note to go out on) –  but the tone of the song has shifted. Instead of spitting venom towards an ex, Ariana seems happier now that she’s come full circle with Mac.

Is ‘Knew Better’ Part 2 everything you could have wanted?

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