Tinashe Drips Swag On Her New Track ‘Company’

We’re finally getting somewhere with the ‘Joyride’ era. After the release of ‘Superlove’, fans weren’t sure if this would be the single that would actually prompt RCA Records to release Tinashe’s sophomore album.

It seems like the flirty, R&B cut did the trick! Today, we have the braggadocios ‘Company’ – a track dripping in swag that flips the script on the whole side chick mentality men seem to have towards women.

You’re just my little side thing/Just a little sweet fling/You don’t have to buy things/I just want the high, supply me/I don’t need the lovin’/Sounds like we’re something/I’m nothing like a girlfriend/I’m not like someone I’m supposed to be/I just want some company

It’s a nice return to form for those looking for something that sounded like ‘Aquarius’, but a little bit elevated.  T is going a little harder this time around – and we’re ready for more.


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